Apex Shredding Inc.

Every business discards information on a regular basis. The challenge is to ensure that the information is protected from unauthorized access. This includes phone messages, daily transactions reports, customer lists, business records, copies of documents, receipts, memos, logs, data and junk mail. If you lack secure document destruction, the unprotected information can bring harm to everyone involved, including: employees, shareholders, customers and even the business owner or manager.

When you hire an on-site document shredding company like Apex Shredding Inc. you are assured of the most secure shredding process available.

Our paper shredding company offers affordable, on-site and secure document shredding services.  Apex shreds for businesses throughout Northern Colorado. We service every type of business- public or private, commercial or residential, professional firms, government agencies, hospitals, hi-tech and retail businesses which require document destruction services.